Stock McCormack DNA 225 vs DNA 1 Rev A

hi all,

other than power issues, how does the stock dna 225 stack up against the tried and tested DNA 1 Rev A amplifier ?

Do i get the feeling the modded one would be better in refinement, midrange and high's ?

perhaps someone can share some comments regards this matter.
I had Steve modify a DNA-1 Deluxe for me. In several phone conversations he stated that he seeks to give the amps more "bloom" in the critical areas while removing digital edge and retaining authority over the signal.

In his revision of my amp the improvements were better decay, tremendous clarity/detail, and a smoother overall delivery. The soundstage was larger while imaging remained about the same. It is a solid state that you can love.

I have not compared to the new McCormacks but wanted to offer my experience with revised and unrevised amps. I have since gone to the dark side and now run Atma-sphere M60's.
stock DNA-225 is an excellent amp. There is a review of it in stereophile where the reviewer compares it to a fully modded DNA-1. Look at the review. The comments on DNA-225 in that reviw are pretty accurate. Some people say DNA-125 and 225 sound the same, but I haven't found it to be the case. 225 is more refined. Stock 225 is very nicely balanced. It was never bright or harsh sounding in my system. Very easy to listen to with excellent dynamics and good bass extension. The sound of it will depend on what you feed it with and your speakers. DNA-225 has very smooth highs. Smoother than DNA-125. I had the older 0.5 Deluxe as well and loved the highs of that amp. Stock 225 matches it on sweetness but at the same time it is more detailed and resolving without being bright.
Hope this helps.
I think there was a review in Stereophile or the like which essentially suggested getting the stock 225 over the dna-1 rev A.
The reviewer had both units and liked them both.
On the used market it appears the stock dna 225 is a couple hundred more.
I liked very much my stock DNA-225. However, having Steve and Kris upgrade it to include Steve's Platinum Revision has made it one of the best amps I've ever heard, at any price (and that is quite a few).
And how does that answer the stock DNA 225 vs the Full Monty DNA 1 opening question?

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I have not owned a DNA1 and, unlike some of us, I try not to say too much about things I have not owned personally. I've heard the DNA-1 and I think the 225 bests it stock for stock. I also heard a DNA-1 Deluxe that was "A" modded and I'd not wager my system that the stock DNA-225 sounded better - but being too far removed from the listening of each, I could be wrong - which is why I did not mention it originally. The modded DNA-225 bests the modded DNA-1 by a large margin, IMHO. That I can recall CLEARLY. Besides, there is now the Revision A "Gold" for the DNA-1 so what was once the "Full Monty" (as in the old link you provide) is no longer the Full Monty, anyway.

There aren't a flood of folks having expereince in a stock DNA-225 as compared to a modded DNA-1 to provide context for the OP - nor are there to omany to make the comparison of any version of these two head-to-head. I was trying to give him some helpful input of any kind since it sounded like he might be considering a buying decision. I'll let the OP decide whether it was useful to HIM, or not. Whether it is on point to YOU is irrelevant, no?