Stock Jolida 202A Driver tubes

I have had the full parts connection mod done on this amp and was wondering if swapping in new driver tubes would help me gain more favorable sounds from this already nice sounding amp?Can anyone give me any suggestions on driver tubes that could give me an even more positive experience?The mod did not swap out the original driver tubes and the other tubes were replaced with Electro harmonix tubes.I am happy with the sound but was wondering if this amp can even go further sonicly.Thanks!!

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Get rid of the stock tubes. Jolida is infamous for putting in cheap chinese or russian tubes. They figure you are going to tube roll anyway. We need an idea of what you are looking for to give ideas-more detail, warmer, etc...
I take it things sound a little thin and grainy now? If I were buying new, I would go for either svetlana or shuguang for the money. If money doesn't matter as much, you can't go wrong with Mullard or telefunkens.
Email me, I have a bunch of used ones I could let you try?