Stirling LS 3/5a? Anyone compare to older........

has anyone any experience with the "new" Stirling LS 3/5a speakers? how do they compare to the original spendors, et al?
I believe that in this month's (or possibly last month's issue) of Hi Fi News, they do a comparison of four of the new era BBC 3/5 replacements. I forget which of the four speaker companies were compared (well, I remember two ... Spendor and Harbeth), still the magazine may be worth hunting down. Hi Fi News is a British magazine and is usually available at Barnes & Noble; Border; some Virgin Records.

Regards, Rich

Which version? There are quite a few variations offered by Stirling depending on options such as reference cabinet, reference outboard crosssover ...
Ken Kessler reviewed the new Stirlings about 3 years ago in Hi Fi News. He also did a LS3/5a shoot-out in the same issue comparing all the manufactured variants against Pair 001, the BBC LS3/5a prototype. He thought the Stirlings were great and every bit as good as the older models. I bought a pair subsequently and have been very happy. Be warned they do take a long time to break in.

PS I gather Stirling are now making copies of the original 001 cabinets with birch ply with screwed in backs!
Go with Harbeth. the P3s are basically an LS3/5A.