Stirling Broadcast / BBC LS3/6

Hello, good people of Audigoone. I would like to hear Stirling Broadcast / BBC LS3/6. One dealer is in Kansas, another in Indiana. I am in New Hampshire. If you happen to know anyone in New England that has these and might be willing to let me hear them at their place, could you please ask them to contact me via this forum? if you have an opinion about these, esp. how they compare to B&W 805 D3s, please, post it. 
thank you in advance!

I ended up buying Stirling Broadcast LS 3/6. If you are reading this post and you are in New England area, I would not mind demoing it for you. I want to offer the opportunity to others that I did not have. You can find me via audiogon. 

Congratulations on the LS3/6!

I purchased them 2 months ago.  Very fine speaker.

i agree. Do you happen to know how to take the grill off? I have a cat and am afraid that it might damage it. have you tried doing it? thanks in advance,

I just took the grills off mine this afternoon. They are very snug and held on with six pegs. I used a butter knife to gently pry the edges out. You're "supposed" to leave the grills on. They are supposed to tame the top end a bit. I don't notice much, if any difference.  They look better (to me) without the grills and the tweeters have metal grills over them and are well protected.