Stinkin' Meridian "System Remote"

Ok, so I've got a Meridian 508.24 (which I love) with that awful Meridian system remote (which I detest). I know I'm not the only one but, honestly, for such a wonderful piece of equipment, that remote stinks. I don't need a desktop grade console to select a track on a CD. Anyone out there come up with a better idea?
My Meridian 508.20 came with the big system remote AND a much smaller CD only remote. You could try asking Meridian if they have any? (404) 344-7111
The Meridian is Philips based, I went to a local Discount store, Target, and picked up a $15 Philips universal remote, that stated it worked with CD's, and it worked great. BTW, I agree with you.
I use a Pronto Neo for everything and love it.
Some good thoughts. What does the "standard issue" Meridian CD remote look like, anyway -- I only got the system remote?

I like the Philips insight. Simple, elegant, cheap.

As for these honking, USB-connected, flash memory toting, back-lit, programmable, computerized, PDA-esque, learning, macro-enabled, do-everything remotes that cost anywhere up to north of $1k -- I'm just not ready.

My favorite remote is the one that came with my Rogue preamp: a nice solid hunk of metal with two metal buttons on it, one to make the volume go up and one to make the volume go down. I've got a programmable universal remote that came with a Marantz HT Receiver, replete with whistles, bells, wheels, screens and all that -- but the thing is horribly designed and there's absolutely no way that I am going to spend any time programming the thing, because then I'd have to use it and I already avoid using it as much as possible. (Figured I might as well disclose my predilictions...). Thanks again.
Mezmo, one note on the smaller Meridian remote, unless different than the aforementioned 506 remote, a member was going to sell me the smaller Meridian remote but that remote lacked Fast Forward and Reverse; I wanted those options so I went with the Philips universal.