Stingray bad for Merlin TSM's or Revel M22's???

I was getting ready to hunt down a nice pair of recent Merlin TSM's (Or Revel M22) and thought the Manley Stingray integrated tube amp would be a good match....and THEN I read some reports from people claiming the Manley's soundstage is poor, narrow and so on. My budget for the Integrated Amp is about 1500 used.


Manley Labs reccomends Merlin speakers for use with their equipment.Check out the following quote from the Manley Labs webite.

Merlin Music: Bobby Palkovic is one of the nicest guys in audio and his speakers are wonderful too. The STINGRAY is a particular good amp for his VSM's and TSM's, as are the MAHI's with a SHRIMP...
I do not believe it about the soundstage. When I owned a Stingray it was a very good amp with nice tone and very robust too.
The Stingray is an excellent choice for the Merlins. Seems you are building a good system with that pairing. I think you can proceed with confidance.
I also have heard the Stingray in both my system and my friends system on full range single driver speakers. If it was a weak amp that certainly would have been revealed on those speakers. Great tone and nice punch for a relatively low watt tube amp.
5 years ago a listened one stingray with my merlins tsm, It did not impresioned me. The jeff rowland I was using (integrate concerta ?) was better, and I prefer tubes amlpifiers, after the JR I tryed audiopax 88 mono( SET 30watts) and the result was fantastic, after I bougth one audio aero PP 50watts calsse A and the sound also was fantastic. I know the price of audio aero and audiopax is 4 to 5x times the stingray but this is my opnion about stingray and merlint TSM.