Stillpoints Ultra SS Orientation

For as long as I have owned my Stillpoints Ultra SS I have had the narrow end pointing down. I use 4 Stillpoints per component.

Yesterday, I moved them so that the narrow end is facing up towards the component and to my surprise the soundstage was a little fuller with a much better center image.

So component by component I changed them all.
Good for you, mate! You might want to consider using 3 Stillpoints per component rather than 4 - you might be surprised at what you hear....
Really, I thought 4 would be better. I'll give 3 a try. Thanks.

I also observed that moving them in different locations under the components also changes the sound.
I have found that for speakers they work better screwed into the speakers' threaded holes and Stillpoints cap down, but you have to be very careful to try to have the weight distributed as evenly as possible between the 4 Stillpoints (it won't happen automatically as it would with only 3). For components, though, it's not so clear; so far I have preferred cap ("pointy-head") up for those.
Thanks Rbbert, So far I am in agreement with you.

However, it does seem to me that they must have been designed with a certain direction in mind. Otherwise, why is one end different than the other?
So far no help from Stillpoints...
Stillpoints recommends that the techonolgy pocket be oriented closest to the component which in the case of the ULTRA SS's, is with the narrow end up. However this is not always possible such as when using ULTRA 5's screwed direcly into a speaker. Also the top cap should be loosened a quarter of a turn.
1kitch, Thanks for the response. That makes sense and it confirms what I am hearing.
I sent emails to Stillpoints with no reply.
Dealers say to try it both ways.
With the 'hats' up against the component, you get maximum resolution...reverse them and you get a warmer sound...I aim for maximum resolution under my CAT pre and a combo for my amps(1 down and 2 up).
Use of bamboo cutting boards as platforms compliment the Stillpoints(SS Ultra and SS mini) perfectly.
Thanks for the tip. I just reversed my 3 Minis under my PS Audio P3 so that the narrow end is pointing up. Immediate impression is that the music sounds sharper, more well defined. I will listen for a few days and report back.