Stillpoints Ultra SS adapter needed, help...

I just purchased 8 of the Stillpoints Ultra SS for my speakers.
My speakers are the Eggleston Works Andra II. They use a 3/8"-16 thread and the Stillpoints use a 1/4"-20 thread. Stillpoints can provide an adapter but only up to 5/8" long on the 3/8" side (speaker side) and the Andra II's looks to need about 1 1/2" long.

Do any of you know where I can purchase such an adapter or even what its called so I could search the internet?
Here’s a reducer bushing available from Amazon that should work 3/8-16 to 1/4-20 reducing bushing
If you have female thread on the speakers and on the Stillpoints, you need a step stud. You may find what you need at McMaster-Carr or Grainger.

Another possibility would be a threaded insert with 3/8-16 external and 1/4-20 internal threads. Then you could cut whatever length of 1/4-20 rod that you need.

If you can't find what you need, a machinist could make an appropriate length step stud from 3/8-16 threaded rod.
Minkwelder, thank you so much for your response. I am a little disappointed in Stillpoints in their help in this matter; I mean, their products are not exactly cheap. Stillpoints stated that it would take months and a very high price to supply what I need.

However, I think I did find just the right company to make this adapter. All of us Audiogonner's should tuck this contact into a safe place for future reference.
The name of the company is EVO Industries 1-800-386-4637 ask for Brian. They have threaded adapters and will make exactly what I need quickly for a very reasonable price.
I hope to get them next week.
Once I recieve them I will post my impressions.
Davehrab, Thanks I have looked at those. That item would work if it was about 1 1/2" long to reach the outside of the speaker.The problem is that my speakers have a very deep recessed bolt hole.

I replaced the original spikes that came on my Andra II's with Audio Points and even with those, Audio Points provided a 3/8-16 that is 1 1/2"long threaded stem to reach the tightner that is inside the speaker.
I'll try to take a picture and place it on my system page tonight.
Never easy is it (;-)
I just added the pictures of the spikes on my system page.
Looking at your pictures and being unfamiliar with the Stillpoints. I am curious if the stud can be removed from the Stillpoints? If so the I would remove them and drill and tap the new holes to accept the 3/8" thread you need.
I think and adapters are going to eventual force the 1/4" stud to fail. Just my immediate impression upon looking at the pictures you posted.
Theo, Drilling into the Stillpoints does not seem to be an option. But, I agree with you the 1/4" thread size at the Stillpoints is a concern, my speakers weigh 215 lbs.
I wonder if I should drill a new hole in my speakers near the original made for a 1/4" thread? Then the shaft doesn't need to be too long.
Drilling into the Stillpoints does not seem to be an option

Based on pictures only, it looks like a quality machine shop could easily re-tap the Stillpoints to a 3/8" thread. What's your concern?
Good-day Ozzy,

Machine shops will cost you an hour of time in set up alone.

These should do the trick.

E-Z LOK Corporation - Thread Inserts part # 319-4 – Thin Wall – Internal thread 1/4”-20, External Thread 3/8”-16

Call us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide you a solution.

Star Sound Technologies, LLC
Well one would be resale value. Or perhaps it would change the engineered design.
Still that is an option. Thank you.
I respect your concern, but I would drill the Stillpoints before drilling the Andra II. Please keep us updaded on your progress.

As an aside, I am very surprised that Stillpoint does not offer thread size options, especially considering the price!
Audiopoint, Thank you for your help. But, the item you refer to looks to be only about 3/8" long. It needs to be 1 and a 1/2" long in order to tighten into my speakers which have a recessed hole.
EVO Ind came through. Adapter fits like a glove. Very fast professional service.
Does the hard hat on the Ultra SS go facing up or down when placed under Amps, Conditioner etc. ?
Well just an update:
I have read all of the great reviews of the Stillpoints products, but however, it seems they do not work wonders everywhere.
I tried a set of the 4 Ultra SS under my BSG QOL unit shortly after installing the other Stillpoints ultras sets under my speakers.

The music sounded dead, flat. Thinking that the Stillpoints changed the dynamics of my speaker placements, I started moving my speakers all around the room trying to find that lost magic.

Well, what I found was that it was not the Stillpoints under my speakers but the Stillpoints that were now under my BSG QOL unit that deadened the sound. The Synergistic cones that I had had underneath the BSG QOL unit were far superior to the Stillpoints (at least under that component). Once replaced with the Synergistic cones the dynamics and the air returned to the music.