Stillpoints Ultra 6 vs Critical Mass Center Stage 2

Hello, I am about to pull the trigger on a set of four to place under my amp. A dealer senT me a set of stillpoints ultra ss to try under my new dac and the results were amazing instantaneously. I love that it is so easy to test as well. I am now a firm believer in isolation footers.

I would like anyone who has any experience in these two products mentioned as it seems they are the two best options. Ideally, if anyone has done an a/b comparison it would be really helpful to hear your experience because they are far from cheap..! Thanks for any input.
Scot, thank you so much, so helpful! I'll probably order a set of 4 1.5'' feet this week. I don't know why but I feel I want to start with the amp. I guess I'll leave them there for 2-3 weeks and see if I want to try them under some other component. Can't wait..! Thanks again Scot.
Hi b345t

Nothing wrong with starting with the amp. I would find out where the power transformer is and put one foot under that or under them both if your amp has two transformers as they create the most vibration. Joe (the designer) recommends four of the feet under each component instead of three, that’s why he includes different thickness metal shims which allows the user to shim the fourth foot so there is no rocking motion and the component is rock stable on the shelf. They’re designed to go flat under the chassis, not under the components factory foot. The are vey expensive but after hearing the improvement, I found it impossible to live without them. Enjoy!

I would be grateful for your advice.I choose the best feets for monoblocks (now Stillpoints Ultra SS) and sources (now SR MiGs).
Has anyone compared Townshend Pods and CMC Stage 2?