stillpoints question

Is it best to use the stillpoints directly under the plinth of my rega 2 or should I use other footers (herbies iso cups ) under the table sitting on a 1 inch hardwood shelf and put the stillpoints under the hardwood?-thanks.

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I would agree with Atmasphere, the hardwood is not accoustically dead so you're not draining off vibrations from the tt with the Stillpoints. The Stillpoints should be directly coupled to a vibration absorber, something like a sandbox or such.

The Iso cups may make things smoother, but they will likely be more smeared as well, its like you're adding suspension to a non-suspended tt. I find this isolation scheme totally wrong for my VPI, would think it wrong for the Regas as well. I previously owned a Rega P25, isolated it with a sandbox, worked best for me.

I would like to hear an argument for squishy suspensions under non-suspended tt's. I realize it may deccouple from a flimsy platform, and in that way, maybe a good thing. But an accoustically dead platform coupled solidly to the tt drains both the tt generated vibrations and decouples from external forces.

Springy things underneath an accoustically dead platform make sense to me as well, may serve to further decouple from outside forces.
You're not getting maximum benefit from the Stillpoints until you get a platform that affords greater absorption and isolation, ie. sandbox, Nuance, Symposium, etc. shelves.