stillpoints question

Is it best to use the stillpoints directly under the plinth of my rega 2 or should I use other footers (herbies iso cups ) under the table sitting on a 1 inch hardwood shelf and put the stillpoints under the hardwood?-thanks.

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The way it works is, if you have to isolate from the platform you are on, use squishy stuff. If you have to couple to the platform you are on (it is acoustically dead), use hard points like the Stillpoints.

A 1" thick hardwood platform is not likely to be acoustically dead, so I would start with the iso cups.

You can test by playing a record at low volume, then playing the same track at as high a volume you can muster. Does the sound seem harsher, more 'jangly'? Now try the iso cups and repeat the process. Did the sound get smoother at volume? If yes- you went in the right direction, if no, try the Stillpoints and repeat.

This is dull stuff and can be like work, but it can also pay off. Sometimes keeping notes can help. Have fun!