Stillpoints and reference-level speakers

Seems logical to assume that the makers of megabuck speakers would use superior footers in their designs. Any experience out there with Stillpoints isolation devices to support the reference-level offerings from Magico, TAD, Rockport, Tidal, and others?
Down goes Stillpoints Down goes Stillpoints Down goes Stillpoints
Glory, yes it makes a difference. Generally, the closer the technology to the component, the biggest improvement.
The idea of comparing Stillpoints to audio points I find ludicrous. One is a standard point. No new revolutionary design. No unique machining. The other is a new patented design which alters the way you look at footers. One just attempts to solve a problem in the most simplistic fashion with no new ideas. The other solves a multiple of problems in an ingenious fashion with a great design and amazing fit an finish. A comparison would be like comparing a Chevy volt to a tesla. Both get you from point A to point B. One just uses others ideas. The other revolutionizes them. Alters the entire product from manufacturing to design to selling. Sets a new bar for the auto industry. Stillpoints does this as well. Others have tried but Stillpoints sets the bar. Expensive yes. But when compared to the competition, worth the extra cost. I'll stick with the revolutionary. "Up with Stillpoints, up with Stillpoints"!

Actually, Audio Points are designed in different sizes with a specific brass alloy and profile, all of which were carefully considered by very qualified engineers. Even so, by themselves, they aren't considered by most to be competitive with Still Points by themselves.
However, when they are coupled with Star Sound platforms, like the Apprentice, they have been found to be fully competitive, although different.
Roxy54, well put. I use both.