Stillpoints and reference-level speakers

Seems logical to assume that the makers of megabuck speakers would use superior footers in their designs. Any experience out there with Stillpoints isolation devices to support the reference-level offerings from Magico, TAD, Rockport, Tidal, and others?
Bo the Audio Consultant? Hardly! Maybe interior decorator is more appropriate.

There are some wild looking amps and speakers out there but with so much competition in these areas, it's easy to find one of great sound and acceptable looks. And such products can make quite a physical presence in the room. But with few standout isolation products, dismissing a top notch performer because of cone color is ridiculous at best.
There is so much marketing hokum surrounding footers and their costs can be so great that it is absurd for any audiophile worth his moniker to make a cut based only on aesthetics. On trousers maybe, though in custom tailoring whether ones "dresses" to the left or the right can be paramount!

In my system I have a mix of Ultra 5, SS, Starsound SP-1, and now Starsound Apprentice. These all work well and are largely invisible. Where I have directly compared the two technologies-- under CDP and just now under Pass XA-160.8 monoblocks-- the Star Sound platforms worked better. Where rugs are involved or where leveling is required(i.e. turntable), Stillpoints with their adjustable bases work particularly well. However, even Stillpoints are improved after removing the rug. This is curious, as I understand that Stillpoints devices are conceived to be inherently decoupling.
I own the magico Q5's. I contacted magico and asked about the spikes and spike plates. I wanted larger ones to protect my floors. They advised me that the spikes that come with the speakers are designed for the speakers and other spikes may adversely effect the sound of the speakers. So they remained as is. On another note I am with Bo1972, not a fan of gold in audio equipment. Looks overstated and fake. Don't wear any jewelry any more. My personal view only. I do have still point ultra 5's on my tt. Did NOT notice any dramatic change in sound quality from the original footers. But look really cool, beefy, solid looking. They give the appearance they should sound better. As if they would provide a more solid bottom end. But to me, only the appearance. Just MY view, for what it's worth.
Pkoegz, FWIW the Audiopoints on the Star Sound platforms are un-ostentatious solid brass and will not be mistaken for gold plate or jewelry.
"not a fan of gold in audio equipment. Looks overstated and fake"

You do realize that brass's gold color results from its ingredients, right?