Stillpoint Ultra 5 v Nordost Sort Fut for Speakers

Has anyone done a direct comparison of the Stillpoint Ultra 5s with the Nordost Sort Fut under speakers? I am looking for these to replace the spikes under my Wilson Maxx IIs. I currently have my speakers on a wood floor suspended over concrete. Thanks.
I haven't heard the sort feet but the titanium Kones beat the stillpoints ss any day!
Does anyone have experience with sort fut and b&w 800D
I own 3 sets of 4 Stillpoints ultra 5's. A set under each speaker and a set under my turntable. Stillpoints are a very high quality product. I would  gladly by them all over again. Can't think of a higher praise.
I'm just say'in ✌️🖖
If you're considering Ultra 5's, I would also look at the Pro Audio Bono ceramic isolation devices which are very good value. They are comparable to the Ultra SS & some feel they sound more natural. Though as good as they are, nothing touches the Stillpoints Ultra 6's with Ultra bases under components. "Best" is a much over-used term, but in this case I think it applies.