Still trying to find a new PC

I have been trying to over come the obstacles in the past couple of years  (money wise) to try and find a new PC that will bring out more separation/detail, and help to widen my staging with my current system. I'm using a Classe Cap 151 with ARC CD 3 Mk 2 and Apogee Slant 6s. Listen to mostly; Alt Rock Killers, Grouplove, Sir Sly, Megan Slankard.
Older classic rock The Tubes, Boston, AC/DC, ELO and some new age, Enya, Blues and Jazz.

 Current PC is a Cryo Parts on the CAP and Locus designs Polestar on ARC  Been thinking maybe synergetic, Transparent or Wire World and trying to stay in a sub $600 range with a needed 6.5-7 ft. length Realizing a used selection is probably the way to go), might the forum members be able to give me some good input as to possible choice? Thank you.
Either the Sockeye or Chinook will prevent any sonic improvement from a new powercord.

Seriously, unless you simply try and buy, it's a lost cause with suggestions. Too subjective. The Agon listings are a great way to get something for 50% of list. This time in particular is a buyers market.

I think the salmon are very cool.
Another possibility, if you like the sound you presently have but you just want to expand on the qualities you mentioned, is to replace the AC plugs.  Many aftermarket power cords, even some expensive ones, use rather lousy AC plugs.  I experimented with various IeGO and Oyaide plugs on my Sunny Cables and Cerious power cords and ALL sounded better than the stock AC plugs.  Detail was the most obvious improvement.  Different plugs offered a wide range of sound possibilities and you can change one plug at a time.  You needn't change all plugs on all cords simultaneously.   Just be aware of the seller as there are many counterfeits out there.
Thanks for that idea, I did that a few years ago with Oyaides, I seem to be settling on Synergistic UEF but, I was curious if anyone has found differences (that would tip the scale in my case cost and performance wise) between a Blue or Black option and (if so) would the HC option be a better choice if so? This has been helping so far.