still researching

im still looking for that speaker i hope ill be happy with. thinking about coincident super eclipse, proac3.8, verity fidelio, talon khorus, sonus faber grand piano home or alon exotica. room size is 15'by 18'. speakers could be maximum 30 inches off back wall and 20 inches off one side wall. other side wall would be 5' away from speaker. looking for accuracy in vocals and piano. i have 2 setups. one with audio research ls25 mkll and vt100 mklll. other with bat60 and bat 50se. any opinions please.
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Check out Roman Audio - - I use the Centurions and found that they have a high WAF too.
In your room, accuracy in vocals and piano would require the speakers you list to have their woofers 80" off the back wall.

With your placement limitations, suggest you consider a small stand mounted 2-way like the WB Arc and a powered sub to fill in the bass from 60 hz down.
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how about Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage...excellant on vocals and piano with great PRAT!