Still point risers or Racing cones?

I have Black Diamond racing cones under my amp, pre and cd player. Just wondering if the Still point risers would provide better isolation under my pre and cd player?
Better? Perhaps different...perhaps not different. It's really up to each listener to decide.

FWIW, I have found Grand Prix Audio Apex footers more effective in my system than any other footers including Stillpoints, which I have compared. I have not tried BD racing cones.

A less expensive alternative is Synergistic Research MiG footers, which are available with a 30 day home trial.

In the end, it's really up to you to try what interests you and decide which you prefer.
Under the cd player I highly recommend the BDR Source shelf with BDR cones above and below as outlined by BDR. I found the Still Points with Risers work best with my tube pre, inverted and resting in BDR big Pucks. You really have to experiment.
I use stillpoints but they are not always the "Best". On my Classe CA2200 power amp, a real benefit, would not use them without. My Belles 21A, very nice, cleaner and more detail than BDR cones and Herbies Iso-cups and ebony balls. On Mini Max phono the Herbies worked just as well as the stillpoints, but I had a set of stillpoints left over so threw them on. On my Naim CDX2, herbies really were awful, very bloated bass, really was surprising. Stillpoints maybe a benefit. They really need to tried to make a judgement. I am trying a set on a Herron VTSP-3A right now, maybe better but really the amp is just breaking in so who knows. Probably a wash right now.

DId you get to demo the MiG footers?
DId you get to demo the MiG footers?
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Yes. I bought them and demo'd them and kept them. I think they're effective.

They remind me of something one might find at Pier One Imports or Cost Plus that was made in Indonesia. I suspect the cost to produce them is pennies on the dollar, and therefore I'm left with the impression that I paid too much for an item that is relatively inexpensive to manufacture, import and package.

I've probably been too honest in my remarks. I'll now don my Nomex fire suit.
It's all that Research you are paying for.

I ordered 4 sets.

So my 12 MiG footes cost 32 cents to make and ship. See what you started?

I hope they make my 5K dac sound like it's 15K.

I can hear Bill F coming around the corner..........
IME, Stillpoints alone are a bit hard in the midrange. So I tried placing HRS Nimbus Couplers ($18 each retail?) underneathe them and the midrange harshness was gone.

Just something you might want to try if you have Stillpoints and want to tame it down a little. Maybe it will work for you?

HRS Nimbus Coupler info found here:
StillPoints makes what they call an OEM foot because several manufacturers install it on their equipment. They have been suggesting that it would be available to the general public and would replace the old risers.

I managed to get some and like them very much. I presently am using them between my LSA1 Statements and the stands. Clarity was greatly improved. I have also tried SR MIGs and use them under some components. As they are slippery, I would not use them under my speakers, even were they recommended under speakers, which they are not.

I do agree with TVAD that tastes differ and YMMV. I have not had Black Diamond Racing cones for so long that I cannot recall what I thought about them.