Still more new labels to try...

Ok, here I go:
DGG Tulip, made in Canada of Tchaikovsky's Symph#6 "Pathetique" by the Leningrad Philarmonic Orchestra, dir by Jewgenij Mrawinsij.

DGG Tulip (freom germany) of Dvorak's From The New World by the Berliner Philarmoniker, dir by Karajan.

DGG Tuliup (sealed)of Brahm's Symph#4, by the Berlin Philarm. dir by Karajan.

Hungarotron Label: Liszt's Piano Concerto in E flat and Halatlanc and Totentanz, by the Hungarian State Orchestra, dir by Janos Ferencsik and Gyula Kiss on Piano.

Sastrophon Label (Germany) of Bach's Beruhmte Motetten, by the Essener Bach-Chor.

Sefel Records (Hungary) a digital recording of Psalmus Hungaricus by Zoltan Kodaly (50,000 samples per second)...

Melodiya Label (USSR) of Gliere: The Red Poppy, The Bolshoi Theater Orchestra dir. by Yuri Fayer.

Mercury Living Presence SR90349 (later pressing) of Gina Bachauer, Queen Of The Keyboard.

London FFrr (TReasury SEries) of J.C. Bach's The Six Symphonies For Wind by the London Wind Soloists, dir by Jack Brymer.

London FFss (blue label with silver print) of Mantovani's Operetta Memories...

Vox Label 3 LP box set of Beethoven's Chamber Music For Flute by Jean Pierre Rampal on flute.

All LP's look like never been played...
I have never seen or heard of this one: Urania label (Belleville, NJ) of Hector Berlioz's Four Overtures by L'Orchestre De L'Association des Concerts Lamoreaux, dir by Gean Martinon.

Ps: The Hungaratron sounds incredible....
Are these posts annoying? I just wondered,,,I post to try to see if anayone has comments from their own experience with the more obscure labels...
I didn't find any of them particularly obscure. BTW, I collect ALL the Sefels. Greatly underappreciated (for Hungarian music).
I'm not annoyed at all. The Vox/Bach reference reminds me that "Vox Boxes" from the age of vinyl were highly regarded. Martin Galling(harpischord) did a set of 10 boxes of Bach's keyboard music,some of which has been transcribed to CD on the Allegreto label.
I must say that I am impressed by the Sefel and Hungaratron LP's....The Melodiya sounds sweet and maybe just a tad too much.
Where can I buy Sussmayr's Grandfaters Cantata, Budapest Symphony Laszlo Csanyi White Label HRC 066
try Ebay,, or web search,,private sellers with web sites..