Still Looking for Amplifier Power cord

Do you have power cord suggestions for a powerful switching amp:
Have a Cary Class D, switching amp 600 watts @8 ohms 1110 watts @4 ohms

Mirage OMD28 speakers:
Frequency Response 25 Hz-20 kHz (+/- 3dB)
Recommended Amplifier Power 50-300 Watts
Impedance 6 Ohms nominal / 3.5 Ohms minimum
Room Efficiency 87 dB

Looking for power cord suggestions for a Class D amp doing duty with Mirage OMD28 which can do 18hz useable bass.

Already tried:
Flavor 4/ Airsine
Pangea AC9

On the cheap, also wondering if anyone tried the inexpensive Wyred4 Sound PC's?

Thanks all.
You could try the Signal Cable or the Shunyata Venom 3.
DH labs power plus is a nice smooth cable - and quite cheap. I use a few of them. Parts connection sell them, along with Connex terminated versions for half the price.
If you mentioned what about the cords you tried were not to your liking, then perhaps some other suggestion would help.
As it is, we know nothing of why those cords were nott suitable.
I have an H2O Class "D" amp and the best cords I have tried and owned are Kaplan HE and Triode Wire Labs 8 gauge. The Kaplan is warmer than the TWL, but both control bass very well. I use Watt/Puppies 5.

I second Triode Wire Labs. Thirty day audition period.
The Mirage speakers are more than capable of depth, transparency and deep bass. Looking for a more suitable power cord for the amplifier than what I've tried.

I really recommend that you try the CH Acoustic X-10 that I linked to above.

I use the whole CH Acoustic X-20 loom myself, and I have a Class D Spectron Musician III Mk2 amp.

The discontinued X-15 power cord is also known as the Running Springs HZ Crown Jewel, the top power cord for their power conditioners.

The CH Acoustic power cords have less sound of their own than any cable I've tried. They just lower the noise floor and you'll hear much, much more of what your Cary can do for your Mirage speakers.

I would contact Frank Latimer @ If you are looking to goose the bass a bit, check out the 688. If not, looking for a more 3d image and soundstage from your omni's (like my Ohms) check out the SLVR. Great hall info (mostly located in the deep bass imho), layering, focus, palpability... The SLVR has great bass to, great impact! I just find the 688 better for audio pieces with less substantial power supplies like smaller preamps and digital.
Krell_man thanks, and everyone else too. The X-10 is rich for my blood and power cord mindset these days. Although I've spent that much in the past. The visibility, demand in the used market, and name recognition are issues affecting re-saleability too.

I'm more inclined to try less expensive cords with a 30 day money back like the Triode Labs, or maybe even a W4S PC since they make Class D amps.
I have a pair of the OMD-28's little brothers, the OMD-15. For a long time I was powering them with an integrated switching amp--the Onkyo A-9555. I tried several aftermarket power cords, including a Synergistic Research Master Coupler, Monarchy Audio PC12, and PS Audio Prelude (which was the best of the three for my application at the time). Then I decided to recable the interconnects and speaker cables with Zu Cable. The results were promising but mixed until I decided to go all-Zu and replaced the PS Audio power cord with a Zu BoK. Then everything fell into place with superior clarity, focus, and musicality.

Since then I've moved on to a tubed phono stage and line stage from Jolida with an A/AB power amp (with captive PC), but I'm using all Zu cables and matching Zu BoK power cables for the phono and line stages and am very pleased with the results.

Trying out the Zu is about as risk- and hassle-free as it gets. You get a 60-day money-back trial period and free shipping to your house. If you don't like the cable after giving it plenty of burn-in, you pay return shipping which is about $5.

The BoK PC was about $299 online. That line's been discontinued but you can still pick one up (with free shipping, 60-day return period, and full factory warranty) from Zu's eBay entity for around $100. That's how I bought my two. Or you can get a power cable directly from Zu's website from their updated, more expensive Mission or Event product lines.
The power cord I like best in MY system is the one I made from Acrolink wire and Furutech F1 ends.
Whow thats a lot of cords.
What speaker cables do you use? Also, you want cheap cord or good cord? This is rarely if ever the same. You could try Custom Power Cord Co. model 11. It is inexpensive, I think I saw it here.
Inna, using Tara Labs Prism speaker cables (had them for about 20 years) and pulled them out about 2 years ago (was using Morrow MA1). I went with a Triode Labs power cord but for the Cary amp but am about to try a Classe CA200 amp in my system and compare to see how it fares with the OMD28. The OMD 28 were voiced with Classe amps.