Still happily using vintage gear?

I was sitting listening to my main system consisting of an Audio Research SP8 preamp, NYAL Moscode 600 Maxi, Vandersteen 5 speakers, Thorens TD126MkIII with Sumiko Blue Point, VPI HW16, and was completely satisfied, again, with the experience. (Kimber 12TC, Morrow, Straightwire, AQ and Furman accessories)
All the equipment has been well cared for and kept in good repair: caps replaced, TT overhauled etc.
But it has an average age of about 30 years!
I love reading about all the latest gear, and lust after some of it dearly, but... I'm satisfied with what I have.
I'm playing with digital and having my fun with that, but I was wondering:
Is anyone else still happy with equipment that is now considered "vintage"?
(I don't think of it as "vintage", I just think of it as long-lasting!)
So... what's the oldest piece in your rig?
Mine is the Moscode. 40 years young.

The only "vintage" thing I have is a tt in my bedroom system. A Garrard GT55...not especially "high" fi...but sounds quite good anyway. Plus, these don't come around very often.
I am still using my 1973 Acoustic Research amplifier. I can’t imagine the thousands of hours that are on it. Works like a charm.
I use the following vintage gear in two systems: B&W 801S3 from 1993, Technics SL-1800MKII & SL-1210MKII, Pioneer PL-71, Technics SL-10,  CAL Alpha DAC and Spica TC-50 speakers.  Every piece functions just perfectly.
Well, before COVID, I had a set of Vanderteen 2Ci’s, and Adcom GFA-555 and an Adcom preamp/tuner with an old Sony CD player. I got that setup 30 years ago in college. And because of COVID, I sold everything.

Now that I have landed on my feet, I have gone back down the vintage rabbit hole. Always had my eye on those Aragon amps, so I picked up a 4004 Mkii and a 24k preamp (which sounds great, BTW, with the P&G potentiometer). I picked up a non-vintage set of MA Silver 500’s and some Audiolab stuff to round out the system.

Then I picked up an 8008BB, and then a set of Aragon Palladium monoblocks.

After listening to that for awhile, I got curious about tubes and picked up a classic Audio Research LS-5 mkiii and a D400mkii. The tube preamp was revelatory.

And then I went back to my roots and got a pair of Vandersteen 3A Signatures along with two 2Wq subs. I think that should hold me for awhile. My dad gave me a pair of old Genesis 700’s that he used for surround sound speakers, and with the dipole tweeter, they’re pretty amazing.

Only thing I’ll probably add is a newer DAC and streamer. The Audiolab stuff is decent, I just want a step up.
Currently I am using Sony TA-N80ES amp, TA-E77ESD preamp, and CDP-707ESD cd player connected to Spendor S100s. This system is outstanding. Right next to it I have all McIntosh equipment connected to Focal Kanta No. 2s. IMHO, the MAC system is not leading the parade by a lot. I love them both.