Still Contemplating New Amp Choices..

I appreciate all the help on this, I've narrowed my choices to Acurus,Bryston and B&K..I would like pros and cons of each brand, I'm interested in a wide stage presence, highly detailed in music, and does a decent job while watching home theater movies...Thank you in advance for your assistance! Larry P.S. I have Def.Tech's all around, BP3000TL's front/Center, BPX's in rear..
cant say I have experience with all 3, but from all the research I've done over the years, I'd buy the Bryston. Check for reviews for whatever that is worth.

Good Luck.


FYI: no, I do not own Bryston.

For my home theatre, I also have Def Tech's all around. BP-30's front, BP-10's rear, and a matched center. As I don't have the bass you do, I run a couple of Carver Sunfire Jr's to fill that need. My amp is a Carver Cinema Grand and I am very happy with it, and the Def Tech's. I regularly blow away visitors with this gear.

However, I listen to music on a different system because I find the Def Techs to be (how can I put this, don't want to start a conflict) too bright for my ears. Especially when listening to piano.

Best regards, Dave.
I have not auditioned any of these amps with the speakers you own, but I do have experience with the amps driving other speakers. If I were buying (which is the only way I can answer your question), the Bryston would be the clear choice for me (I assume you are considering the 9B-ST for home theater use). The other two amps are fairly close in performance to each other, but I'd be inclined to get the B&K as my second choice and the Acurus as #3.

If you were considering the Aragon rather than the Acurus -- both are made by Mondial -- then the Aragon would be the clear #2 choice, very close to the Bryston. If you narrowed the choices to the Bryston 9B-ST versus Aragon's 5-channel HT amp, you definitely should do an in-home audition.

You did not indicate if you have considered one of the 5-channel Rotel amps. If not, you should. Personally, I prefer the Rotel HT amps to both the Acurus and the B&K, but others may disagree. I think that Rotel is offering very high value products in your apparent price range, and deserve your serious consideration.
I've used many different amps in my various systems: Acurus, carver, Golden Tube, Aragon, B&K, Rotel, and many more. Unless you have the big bucks(and get a Krell), my opinion is that you can't beat the Rotel Amps. With everthing I've had and listened to I keep returning to Rotel for it's sound and great value. Hope that helps.
I would suggest you stay away from 5 channel amps that share the same power supplies. Those are simply the least musical amps. I'd rather go with a receiver.