Stiffened poly outer sleeves?

I ordered some laserdiscs from some place in the Netherlands. They came with some stiffened poly outer sleeves. I have asked where the seller got them and he said someone he has forgotten at a fair in Holland. Well,

I was wondering if anyone here knows where I might fight something like this? I have checked Bags Unlimited and Vinyl Revival and all they have are the floppy comic book/magazine style bags.
Have you tried ?
no offense, but the title of this thread reminds me that i have to buy some condoms.....:-)
Yeah Musicdoc, until you realize Bags Unlimited makes the body bags for our dead in Iraq. They have been in that line since the Civil War, cotton then, petrolium now, to make them that is. But I do buy from him.
that's an interesting fact aceto. i certainly didn't mean to offend you in any way if that's what you're conveying. gotta keep a sense of humor in life IMHO. i deal with death regularly in my line of work (three so far this week, sadly), but war is an unimaginable horror to me, despite 7 years of peacetime military service under my belt. may it all end someday, by master's grace.
Get a grip people.

Anyway, I think Sleeve Town makes polypropylene sleeves which is a superior material to Bags Unlimited's polyethylene. Generally speaking Sleeve Town offers a superior product line.

It is worth mentioning that I like the LP mailing materials from Vinyl Revival better than either one of those two - mainly because they are conscientious enough to offer filler pads for their boxes.