Sticky SME series V arm lift...

Hello, Folks!
My tech question of the day: one of my SME series V arm lifts has gotten sticky; it won't descend on it's own anymore. I can push it down with my finger, and the lever will raise the arm, but down, not so much.
I understand this is a common problem, which, I believe, is caused by the hydraulic fluid drying out and becoming too thick. I've gathered that the remedy is to clean the reservoir (which, I think, they call the dashpot) and refill it with fluid. So that leads to the actual questions: how does this assembly come apart? What is needed to clean the old fluid out (solvent, etc)? What kind of fluid should it be refilled with? How much?
Thanks in advance your your help!
Try to spray deoxit first before taking apart. It'll penatrate movable parts when you jerk it like you do now.
I'm not sure if this will work with the SME lift mechanism, but it usually works with Rega arms so I'd suggest giving it a try. When lowering the cueing lever instead of lowering it all the way and then waiting for the platform and arm to lower, lower the lever just past its vertical position and then let the lever lower from there on its own with the arm. Easy enough to try, please let us know if this works with your arm.
There's a place in the UK which will rebuild your cueing mechanism- Audio Origami. Should be under $100 and it will be done right.