Stevie Ray Vaughn-"Texas Flood" MOFI SuperVinyl UD1S

I’ve had this title now for a short while. I have been able to listen to it several times through.

MARVELOUS! I think MOFI is back on track with the this one. I’ve complained that the last several UD1S reissues have been a little bright and not quite as good as the first few UD1S titles, (just my opinion, of course).

Boy, this baby is DYNAMIC, super clean and powerful!

What a GREAT title for a UD1S release! Stevie Ray can play his ass off and this SuperVinyl box set is a perfect vehicle for his explosive guitar work. Helps if your band doesn’t suck either. These guys are terrific.

I do have the Analogue Productions, Pure Pleasure, Sundazed and the Music On Vinyl reissues, but haven’t had a chance to compare.
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What's up with your avatar? That you? 
What's up with your avatar? That you?

Sadly, she belongs to Bradley Cooper at present.  She does love her Maggies though...
Received my copy today and can attest to what you wrote.  It's really great!
@mofimadness ,

If I were you, with your other copies available now and in memory, I'd be able to explain a little about how the new MFSL version is superior.

You really did not explain or say anything that would make another want to buy this expensive set.
@slaw...with all due respect, I really don't care if anyone buys this or not.  My goal was to share my experience.

As a collector also, (I have a massive LP library), these UD1S reissues are a pretty good investment.  I have not only all of these, but all of the MOFI UHQR's.  Look what they are worth now. Do some research on what the first (2) UD1S releases are bringing now.

I'm trying to find the time for a few comparisons between the various copies, but haven't yet, sorry.
It is truly spectacular and very quiet in the grooves as advertised.
@mofimadness ,

I guess "your experience" didn't meet any standard I'd expect from one that has a massive lp library.

DO not apologize my friend..

The reason I did not buy this title was because it was already one of, if not, THE best sounding rock lp I own.

So, when you wrote, "MOFI is back on track", it kind of rubbed me the wrong way. IMO, this was a safe bet for MOFI.

Peace brother.
So, when you wrote, "MOFI is back on track", it kind of rubbed me the wrong way. IMO, this was a safe bet for MOFI.

@slaw...totally understood and thanks.  The "back on track" reference was not about the choice of music or titles.  IMHO, the last few UD1S releases were a little tipped up for me.  That comment was about that only, not content.

I can add:

1.  VERY clean and quiet surfaces
2.  Perfectly flat
3.  Major Dynamics (already mentioned)
4.  Fantastic packaging
5.  Super wide and deep soundstage

Thank you! I think those types of descriptives are very beneficial to any of us reading these posts.
That album, and "Couldn't Stand the Weather" are my favorites.

I had the fortune of seeing Stevie when the Texas Flood album was released.One of the louder gigs my ears survived.

Since the Mofi is a 45, I'm sure it has that magic 45's do. How does it compare to a period press? I often find myself not emotionally lost in the music compared to an original. Always find myself comparing this or that to the period press.

I "get" your ownership of several SRV copies. Being a period press snob, I typically go thru 3-5 copies of something, to get to the "stamper." Nothing scientific, just whatever sounds the most convincing. At 3-10 bucks in the used bin, I don't freak out if  its a dud, when I drop the needle.

The cut "Lenny" is the acid test for that album. A good press can sound amazingly close to real.

Extra SRV stuff: