Stevie Ray Vaughn box set 3CD and 1 DVD

Appears to be mostly live stuff with a DVD tossed in...anyone have it? If you like it? I'd like a little input before I plunk down my $50!
I have it and it is very good. Do you have any other CDs by him? If not, this may be the place to start, it gives a good idea of what he was doing prior to his "fame" (CD #1). Also, it hits the highlighs of SRV working on other artists albums. There are some smoking live versions as well. The DVD is a nice bonus.
I have 4 or 5 other SRV CDs. I just prefer to hear him live more than in the studio. thanks for the info...I'll pick it up asap, although most copies seemed to be sold by Christmas Eve around here.
Try, great prices!