Steven Stills, "Stills Alone"

While at my fathers dealer buying a new cart and checking out amps I saw this in his pile and asked if "Tree Top Flyer" was on this album, it was and he gave me a copy noting it is pretty hard to come by and just curious if this is the case? I dont doubt it may be somewhat rare given I never have seen this album before but it had radio play back in the late 80's early 90's I think. Is this indeed that rare? Thanks guys...and John!
I couldn't find any on GEMM, so it may indeed be rare. Well done!
I saw CSN in about 1978 when Stills did "Tree Top Flyer" . I thought it was great and casually looked for it for years. About two years ago, I got serious.

New, sealed on Amazon was $175 (!) and used copies were at least 55-75. It's been released on Still latest release (the name of it escapes me right now) of early, in-the studio-leave-the-tape-rolling mess of his earlier stuff. Historically interesting, horrific sonics. If you want my copy, before I take it to the skeet range, let me know. It's horrible, but it is what it is.

Other than those two releases, I'm not aware of any others. Shame the rerelease is not of the studio version.
Have the CD version. Quite good. Great detail. I use it as a reference piece. I bet the LP is amazing.
Tree Top Flyer has been one of my reference songs for many years. I have the CD version of Stills Alone and it's quite good for redbook.
Saw the old man himself play it live about 6 months ago. I was so close I could see Stills sweating it out- and man the old boy can still play.

He seems to really enjoy playing that tune especially.
I saw Stills playing lead for the Bruce Willis band. What a kick that was. I was then blown out of the water when Bruce brought Edgar Winter out to play key boards.
Dang! wish I was there... weird.. was just playing my Jap. pressing of Illegal Stills today... every blue moon I pull my copy of Manassas out and play it.