Steve Sank Great modifier of electronics

Steve Sank is one of the best modifiers of Electronics and speakers. His store is in New Mexico. Here's his website. And here's a link about his mods to the Moscode hybrid Amps.
Thanks very much for your compliments. Veyr much appreciated. I would just like to update your info. My current website is: My ISP was supposed to put this info into the old site space. As an aside, I also do vintage ribbon microphone restoration, both internal & cosmetic.
I Have had many pieces serviced by Steve & He is Great ! The best place for a tuneup for Nakamichi Tape decks , Revox , Tandberg etc! A very nice guy to deal with!
Steve has worked on my Nak Dragon and 700 ZXL and they have never sounded or performed better. A very knowledgable, nice guy who has the experience to get the job done right.