Steve Jobs we will miss you

My prayers are with Steve's family at this time. He was a great visionary and technology as we know it today is because of his visions. I'm glad he no longer suffers. May he fly with the angles and if he's there with God heaven is about to be upgraded!!!

Rest in Peace, Steve, and may God give peace to your family and loved ones.
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nicely said about a person who always settled for what he wanted

I believe Jobs will be remembered in the same breath as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Walt Disney, as a person who had a huge impact on our collective lives and culture. He played a key role in defining the computer age and in re-shaping our entertainment industry. His influence will still be felt long after his death.

No argument concerning his visionary accomplishments, but from what I have read over he years, on a personal level, he was a prick. High achievers often are.
There are some people who leave a great emotional and personal void when they pass on. For me, he is not one of those people.
Come on, about dead "either good or nothing".
Upgraded heaven? Well put. When it is time for me to go there I will choose if I can a regular one, no upgrades.
Looking forward to the Isaacson biography.

An Insanely Great American.

His Stanford Commencement Speech is a classic.

Thanks Steve and RIP.
Yeah, I do feel sad esp. since he was such a visionary in the technology field (in which it is difficult to be these days & to have such an impact simultaneously). This field is very much lacking men (those sit in powerful positions that can influence) who have a true vision that can change people's lives with technology(they are all concerned with stuffing their pockets instead). I also feel sad that a young man's life was cut short. It seems to me that the best do not stay on Earth for too long; they seem to be needed elsewhere.....
I'm a very modest Apple consumer but I had a deep respect for him just 'cuz of how & what he did that nobody else could.
As I opened this thread, Pete Seeger doing "Sweet Low Sweet Chariot" cued up on my iTunes managed system. :)

He was a man who knew what we wanted before we did.

RIP, Mr. Jobs
Pete Seeger doing "Sweet Low Sweet Chariot" It's interesting that Seeger would sing for a capitalist such as Job. Seeger an admitted committed communist singing about the one thing he hates more than meat eaters and that's individuality.
Definitely a visionary.
I always loved this model of simplicity...

“This was a very typical time. I was single. All you needed was a cup of tea, a light, and your stereo, you know, and that’s what I had.” —Steve Jobs
A man with real vision and drive. He is truly in the iClouds now.
Upgrade in heaven - I think this one is great


RIP Steve
Steve Jobs stood for things that 99% of the people on this site detest, so stop it all the fake outpourings.
We detest iphones and ipads? We detest computers? We detest accomplment and drive? We detest innovation? We detest a hard work ethic? I don't - we don't - seems you may.

Rok2id, your comment seems out of place
>>10-06-11: Rok2id
Steve Jobs stood for things that 99% of the people on this site detest, so stop it all the fake outpourings.<<

Please elaborate
I'm not an Apple fan by any stretch but I still want to give credit where due.

Nobody's perfect and I really don't know all that much about Mr. Jobs, but his accomplishments are obvious so there is something to be learned there and respected whether I agree with everything he did or not.

There are others at his level in the technology industry that I might find myself more challenged to feel that way about.
"Pete Seeger doing "Sweet Low Sweet Chariot" It's interesting that Seeger would sing for a capitalist such as Job. Seeger an admitted committed communist singing about the one thing he hates more than meat eaters and that's individuality."

Wow. I'm seriously glad that I'm not living your life.
Well, the vast majority of you still listen to turntables and LPs and tube amps. you have rejected digital music devices and solid state power. Jobs was a visionary. I am sure he considered tubes outdated tech. Now if his iphones and computers and all the other wonderful devices he created, had been powered by tubes, I would be out of line. As it is, I stand by my statement. Ain't nothing visionary about the people on this site. Jobs also wanted to get high tech into the hands of all humanity. This site is geared towards a clique that values exclusivity above all else.
I think this thread has gotten really weird. Steve Jobs, the man had a vision and a plan to get it done----and I think he did. He changed the world as we all know it, and he brought music into the lives of a lot of people who otherwise might not have listened at all. The rest of the Apple line up is pretty cool and from the sales numbers he seems to have gotten it right. A great man has died and I for one am disgusted by the comments above. Lets show a little compassion and respect. You don't have to agree with everything he did, or even like his products, but he has passed on and deserves a bit more then he has gotten from a few of the above posts. Just for the record I have an all analog rig, but I do own more then a couple of Ipods.
"Jobs also wanted to get high tech into the hands of all humanity."

That would seem to be a major cornerstone of Apples business model and he clearly suceeded in this regard no doubt.

"This site is geared towards a clique ..."

Yes, but nothing wrong with a clique per se unless it blinds you to what goes on in the rest of the world. So I would object to the assertion that I should not recognize Job's accomplishments just because the ipod is such a success. I use one myself (well, my daughter's technically) with decent earbuds as a portable music source and it is the nicest gadget I have ever used just for that.

In general it is not a good idea I think to hold someone in poor regard just because they march to a different drummer. When your drummer is high end audio and high end audio alone, you are heading down a very lonely path relative to humanity I would say.
Thanks for the clarification Rok2id.

I wasn't quite sure if you are stupid or just faking it.

Now I'm sure.

0-06-11: Rok2id
Steve Jobs stood for things that 99% of the people on this site detest, so stop it all the fake outpourings.

And you know this, how?
In every way this man was a great innovator. And a figure for all to admire when trying to achieve great goals.
I type in english, but you people don't seem to receive english. Everything I post on this site is misunderstood. A sure sign of closed one track minds.
Cut Schipo and Rok2id a little slack, people; grief is often expressed as anger!
I am just wondering about the "angles" in heaven Tom6897 mentions - Jobs could be obtuse but he did always seem to have an angle.
Rok2id: Whew! You said a mouthful. Steve Jobs changed the way the world lives. An absolute brilliant inventor. However, regarding audiophiles, I agree with what you said.........mostly. In regards to storing music on hard drives vs cd players, that debate goes on and on and on.....

I'm going to hear hell for this but, one could argue that he killed the music industry 99 cents at time. When people stopped reading liner notes and just scrolled through names of bands on their ipods, things changed forever.
Sad news, he will be missed. I hope apple's future is in good hands.
Above all he was a very successful businessman, made a lot of money you know, had a lot of influence. He didn't get a dime from me though, as far as I know. His computers are overpriced, ipad makes no sense, ipod is good but I just don't need it. However, everyone else in my family uses his devices; while I am trying to figure out how to afford Studer deck. Audiophiles are cute bunch.
No wonder people are leaving these forums. I propose to put some comments in the Anderson Cooper "Ridiculous" column. How does a eulogy turn into a love hate battle of digital versus analog or a business man's ethics?

If people feel strongly about a topic not related to the original theme, start your own thread. It is real tiring to keep reading threads from people who constantly waste time attacking each other detracting from the enjoyment of majority of others who remain on the forum for specific themes and causes.
What the man did was revolutionary and nothing can take that away.
Right now my system is at its peak due to his vision.
I could care less for personal attacks from the safety of anonymity.
It degrades this forum.
We are not supposed to deliver a eulogy, and if anyone wants to leave he/she is welcome to do so.
Pesonally, I prefer evolution to revolution in most cases.
Let's see who dies next. I look forward to another opportunity to entertain ourselves.

"We are not supposed to deliver a eulogy"

So you are the eulogy control manager for this forum and therefore everyone has to listen to you? Who put you in control what people say of others?

No wonder people read these forums in disgust and are leaving. Coherent and intelligent remarks are not the norm here anymore.

Cultural Dictionary
eulogy [( yooh -luh-jee)]

Words of praise, often for a dead person, but also a staple in introducing speakers, in nominating candidates, and on other such occasions

Save your sarcastic evolutionary thought processes for someone who cares.
Its a free country (USA, so far for the most part at least).

People can speak their minds however there are always consequences to whatever one says in public, so you just have to accept that.

I am anti censorship in general. It helps to have some thick skin in general though. I think the USA could use some more of that sometimes these days. Its sad what happens to prominent people who merely speak the minds then their comments get taken out of context by the media and/or others jump to invalid conclusions.

PEople just need to be a little smarter sometimes!

Sorry, had to get that off my chest.

Hopefully, Steve Jobs would approve.
Those of success are always open to be knocked by do-nothing lessers. Steve Jobs excelled at the ideal the USA was founded on. He was dealt a unbeatable health issue, which he fought with courage, without giving up. I for one, am damn impressed!!
Your right about having thick skin nowadays. It seems you need it everywhere, be it at work, sometimes at home (for those who are owned by their spouses), and of course places like this, where it is very easy to speak your mind freely and opposing opinions clash. The beauty of our way of life in the USA, is that each of us as individuals are afforded the opportunity and right to speak openly because of our ancestors who died and fought for our freedom to to so. Noto so lucky in some other countries.

Back to the topic at hand. I can only think of another person in the technology real who had a profound impact during the dawn of supercomputers, Seymour Cray;

"When asked what kind of CAD tools he used for the Cray-1, Cray said that he liked #3 pencils with quad paper pads. Cray recommended using the backs of the pages so that the lines were not so dominant. When he was told that Apple Computer had just bought a Cray to help design the next Apple Macintosh, Cray commented that he had just bought a Macintosh to design the next Cray.[7]"

How interesting that these two companies, Apple and Cray, were intertwined years ago for the sake of building each others computers.

I remember reading years ago about research Cray was doing to duplicate the electrical impulses found in plants to create the next processor, fascinating.
the wheat is seperated from the chaff easily recognized within this thread.
It is a free country - however not a respectful one.

Feel how you like about a person but show a little class at their time of death. Ever notice how no one seems to say at a wake "What an asshole!" but offers some positive aspect of even the most flawed character.

That does not seem to apply in the anonimity of a discussion board. I blame internet for the loss of decorum among us.
I dont buy the whole mythic portrait painted of Jobs. Yes in the start of his career he did amazing things but folks act like he farted earthchanging ideas and the thousands of others were just along for the ride. I seriously doubt that he was the sole reason for even the idea of the Pad, the Pod, Iphone, the music store and many aspects of those and countless other aspects of his company. He started something and was careful to control his image but the question for me is how much of his legend was media hype? Yes he was known as a prick and a micromanager but he at minimum was smart enough to hire smarter folks to carry his company to amazing heights.
>>10-07-11: Chadnliz
I dont buy the whole mythic portrait painted of Jobs<<

That's why he's a legend and you're Chad.
I am still alive so that precludes me from being insulted by that, and unlike Steve I still have time to blow your mind ;)
The genius of Steve Jobs was that he saw uses in technology that no one else saw. Steve Wozniak made the first Apple computer, but it was Jobs who envisioned its potential as a personal computer. Xerox created the mouse and the GUI, but it wasn't until Jobs licensed them that they revolutionized how people interface with computers. Pixar was a small special effects company before Jobs purchased it for $10 millions and under his direction produced the first fully digital animated movie. Disney ended up purchasing Pixar for about $10 billion. (I guess that puts a price tag on prickish micro-managing). And finally he took a computer hardware manufacturer/software company and turned it into the world's largest music distributor. I would imagine that someone with a list of these accomplishments must be pretty smart in his own right.