Steve Earle

Um, have fun. And thanks for sharing, I was wondering what you were up to tonight.
I did. You're welcome.
Oh by the way, can someone recommend the very best recording of kind of blue? wtf?
Hey man I'm glad and sorry given the brevity and obvious enthusiasm of your post I couldn't resist. Big Steve Earle fan also, though I find live he can get a bit full of himself and his politics.
Hi Jond,

I understand your comment about his politics. This time he was a little less so. Very surprising and upsetting is he talked about his 3 year old boy John Henry (mother is Allison Moorer)-this boy has autism. Stopped talking at 2 years. Quite sad.
Wow that is truly sad man and kind of out of place for a concert. But I guess he is just that kind of guy everything in his life and on his mind is right out there. That is why I prefer my musicians to if possible never speak i.e. The Grateful Dead for the most part.
He put it in the context of being as old as he is, if he is fortunate he will see this boy through high school, then played a song he wrote for the young one, Remember Me, the last track on the latest recording.
Well that sounds pretty nice then, I hope he lives a good long time and gets to watch his kid grow up.
Humanity; its often missing these days, but your response confirms that its still alive. Thanks!