Sterophile review $500 Tubed CD

In the last couple of months, I believe Stereophile had a glowing review of a $500 tubed CD unit. I think it was written by Sam Tellig, but I cannot find any mention of it on the Stereophile website.

Does anyone recall this and can you give me the name of the unit?

I went thru the rec. issue and see only the Music Hall cd25. It was ST whom raved re.its performance/price.--$599 Class B. VOL.29 4
Thanks, Avguygeorge.

Sad to say, that isn't - I remeber the picture with the tubes visible and the fact that it uses 12AX7's. This struck a particular chord with me since I remembered buying those tubes many years ago.

In general, I don;t read reviews of tube equipment since it tends to be a little esoteric for me.

But this one interested me a lot. I'm reasonably certain that it was in one of the last 3 issues and was not a formal review per se - more like the kind of thing where Sam writes about several pieces of equipment and this happened to be one of them...

I don't know why Sam's columns aren't routinely available on the Stereophile website, but there it is....

Perhaps someone else will recall this item.
Onkyo DX 7555 reviewed by Wes Phillips in February issue?