Sterio vs. Surround?

Hello All, Will a Rotel RC-1070 sterio preamp sound better than a Rotel RSP-976 surround processor in 2-channel? Currently using the RSP-976 in my 2-channel system with Enery RC30 speakers. The RCC-1055 is my CD player but I listen to more jazz via internet radio (ipod touch)
I would think so. BTW, it's spelled stereo.
Not necessarily. Understand that anything not 2 channel is automatically assumed to be junk here.
Wow Snofun3, I'll keep my RSP-976.
Forgive me Tpreaves, I went to public school. And "I think so" isn't an answer :-)
What? This is kosher forum, no surround permitted.

12-29-11: 6month
Forgive me Tpreaves, I went to public school. And "I think so" isn't an answer :-)
Actually,I said,"I would think so".
Both quotes are indeed answers.
This is what I was told by a dealer concerning the Classe CA-2200 stereo amp versus the CA-3200 three channel amplifier using only two of the channels. He said that the CA-3200 sounded better because of the bigger power supply in it. I never actually sat down and compared the two, but what the dealer said sounded logical.

One of the first things that is addressed in an upgrade is beefing up the power supply. So, given that if the two Rotel amps are identical in quality, if the multichannel amp has a larger power supply, it might be better.

Krell Man,

It depends on a transformer's secondary winding's current output for each channel (if sharing a primary winding vs. independent transformers for each channel). A single transformer with 3+ channels will be physically larger to contain the additional secondary windings, but should equal the output current rating of the other secondary windings. Each channel should have its own DC rectification and large filter capacitors as well.

Most multi-channel amps, since primarily intended for Home Theater applications, will contain smaller power supply designs vs. running multiple High-end stereo amps, or individual mono-blocks. The later two options would be my choice if deploying multiple high-end speakers with low impedences played at demanding listening levels (HT or multi-channel music). Most people can't tolerate watching movies at sustained levels unless an action flic, hence the typical 100-150 watt/channel amps.

Now, some cheaper amps, integrateds, or multi-channel amps will often share a single large power supply, but with increased cross-talk and other audible compromises when driven harder.

Just a thought.