Stereovox vs Kimber

Hello !
Well... I've been using Kimber 4TC for over three years now and, even if I'm truly happy with the cables, I'm starting to think about some kind of an upgrade so... will Kimber 8TC will be the significant one, please ? Or shall I try Stereovox Firebird instead ? What are the main differences (if any... as Chris started at Kimber ;)) between Stereovox and Kimber, please ? Thank you very much in advance...


Hi Tomasz!

My experience was negative in going from 4TC to 8TC. I found the sound muddied in comparison - this was using NAD gear going to Triangle speakers. Returning 4TC to the system cleared it back up immediately, more transparent and open, better deep bass.

I am a dedicated fan of 4tc in my current system (Trends amp to Triangles), but these things are definitely system dependent. I had a Rotel integrated and little Tannoy monitors and found the 4TC added (or let through?) some irritating sizzle in the top end.

Good luck!