Stereovox HDXV vrs i2Digital x-60

Well based on my reading and recommendation from my other thread I am thinking about trying a Stereovox HDXV. But then I read about the i2Digital x-60 cable by the same designer.

So I was wondering how big of difference there would be between these cables sonically?

I don't know about these cables,but if your system is up to it, a Hi quality cable can make a bigger difference than you might think.
I don't know either, EXCEPT, the Stereovox HDXV is the newer of the two, so I assume the HDXV is the better.

Read the review at
I have never heard the HDXV, but own the i2digital x-60 and love it
From what I understand the i2digital is better.
But the stereovox offers 90% of the performance for a lower price.

I read this on a post on Audioasylum. It came directly from Chris.
Here is the tread I was walking about:

Does anyone know of a Canadian dealer?