Stereotime compares AMR CD7 vs. Reimyo CD777

Have you read the test? Are there any comments?
sorry, I mean
Did they compare AMR CD77 or AR CD7?
(something about highend cdps and sevens)
The review covered the AMR CD-77, not the Audio Research CD player:

Stereo Times Review

Stereotimes reviewed the AMR CD 77

Hifi Plus compared the CD 77 to the ARC CD 7

and Frank Perrano replaced his Reimiyo CDP 777

Karelfd you are right there are a lot of 777s in audio these days.

I too had the Reimyo and I replaced it with the AMR. I sought out the Reimyo based on professional recommendations that this was one of the all time greatest CD players ever built. I had one on display and was in love with the sound. Then Reimiyo could not source the transports.

I found out about the player through 6 moons, long story short we had to wait about six months for my display sample and the rest is history. Love at first listen!

Today we are happy selling the AMR. It is pretty much like Frank Perrano described it.

The AMR is one fantastic player!
It's a crazy business.You hear totally oposite stories which player is better.I think it is matter of preference and money and service in the future.