Stereophiles from late 1980s-early 1990s

I have a collection of Stereophile magazines, most still sealed in plastic, the small format ones. Are they worth anything if I sold them?
I listed a buch of small format Stereophiles and TAS earlier this year on Audiogon and ebay. My experience was that they are not worth very much. I listed many years worth, complete and in good shape.
Worth next to nothing.
It's still worth listing though for $4.00 as you might luck out and find a collector who is looking for just what you have.
People are not looking to buy complete collections, but they are interested in back issues that feature their already owned equipment.
my best sale actually was 8 complete consecutive years of TAS, second best was collector looking for missing issues...
They are worth something. How much? That depends. I sold about 200 issues of Stereophile and Absolute Sound at a garage sale for $50. A woman bought them for her husband who had just retired. She said he needed a hobby.
Just keep them for another 30 years. Your Kids will be rich. Look at the Western Electric and Tannoy from the 1950s.
That's equipment, or parts and top of the line stuff. To really be worth anything it has to be special now and kept in pristine condition. I know some really rare stuff can be restored, but for the most part the "good stuff" of the future, is the good stuff now.
Recycle. That's what I did.
You can also donate them to a library

I am interested in your 1990's portion. Starting w/ the year 1990 and forward, which years do you own? Is each year complete (12 issues per year)? Please reply. Thank You.

Happy Listening!