Stereophile vs. Sports Illustrated

Today, I received two of my favorite magazines in the mailbox. I have to say, after a winter like we've had, it is nice to look at the swimsuit issue! Anyone else get a look? Enjoy guys.
Now that Stereophile sports an add for Viagra/Cialis/Levitra in the back each month I can only assume that the advertiser has found its target audience, ageing guys who like to listen to music alone in the dark.
I can always buy what's advertised in Stereophile. Not so much Sports Illustrated.
You guy's crack me up . Keep it up .
Stereophile has a swimsuit issue?
Prettier girl in SI!!!
Marty, your (typically hilarious) post reminded me of a Valentine's Day tradition of a DJ at a local radio station here. Back to back, he'd play "Momma's Got a Squeebox", followed by "Pictures of Lily" - for those of you who have Valentines as well as those of you who don't...

And, is there a group of writers better equipped to do a "And, I'm not only the ABC president, I'm also a client" ad for those meds as the Stereophile staff?
Stereophile is a good read after fully enjoying the Sport illustrated Swimsuit issue if you catch my drift.
Jeez, Viridian, was it necessary to give us away like that?
The SI models were on Letterman

a couple of slo mo moments...
It is all about the 'gear'.
I'll bet there's more gear with "upgrades" in the SI issue than the Stereophile one...

...not that there's anything wrong with that...
and it's all EXPENSIVE
If I were old 'alone in the dark' I'd choose straight-forward Hustler and dig blue pills and others advertisements from there.

Swimsuit issue? Gimme a break!!!
Difficult to say which has bigger boobs.
Stereophile readers' tend to adjust their knobs at a suitable level - but on the whole leave the settings alone.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition readers' are constantly tweaking them up and down.
VS its not boxing 2 differnt mags HELLO!!
Just stumbled upon this post. Maybe we could start a new rag, call it StereosportsIllustrated. Have babes in bikinis (made of acoustically inert material of course, wouldnt want nasty reflections off those puppies) listening to high end systems. We could even have readers send in their votes for Miss Tweeters of the Year! (I was going to say Miss Woofer but that just doest say much about a girl's looks).We could even have the anuual Interconnect tug-of-war betweeen two all-female teams, with different brands sponsoring the event.Anyways, sorry,have to run-its Hef calling on my cell to discuss some seed money!
I'm not sure the audio community is ready for fat bearded men and midgets in bathing suits.
I think it is a great idea that if SI can do a swimsuit issue to boost sales, then why not an audio rag also?

I'm sure the girls can listen to music at least as well as they might be able to compete in the NFL, MLB, NBA, etc.

Actually, I'm surprised more big time high end audio vendors don't pursue this particular marketing route. HAving the hot babes involved in the marketing surely must make their gear sound better to more guys you would think. But would this result in a hotter or warmer sound? Hopefully not colder. Further research is required.....
Mapman- Ask these guys: ( ) Note the middle-mentioned event. They used to be, 'JB Audio Pimp.' They've used scantily clad females to move gear for years.