Stereophile Music Reviews

Is it just me.Where do they come up with these? 90 percent of these reviews are either unknown,or some washed up has been.Any thoughts or opinions? Thanks John
Just a guess: Might be a correlation to how much the record distributor advertises in the magazine.
It seems really random - I've definitely found some gems there, but others seem to be whatever happened to show up in the mail the day of the deadline. I first read about Galactic, Murder City Devils and Modest Mouse in Stereophile, and I like all of them. I'm not sure I need them to tell me what they thought about the latest PJ Harvey, Bob Dylan or Widespread Panic - not that these are necessarily bad albums, just not sticking their necks out much. -Kirk
They are too busy obsessing over their equipment to really pay attention to music.

Sincerely, I remain
FWIW, I don't think the fact that the music reviewed is from an "unknown" is any reason to be dismissive. I have been turned on to any number of unknowns via Stereophile's reviews that turned out to be real gems IMHO. I read their reviews precisely because I want to discover new music that has been overlooked and under promoted.