Stereophile Magazine question.

I just received an "Exclusive Invitation" to get Stereophile Magazine.  I haven't received it in years and was wondering if it was worth the "Exclusive Price" of $9.99 for a year?  With so many of the mags going downhill, I just wanted to hear from anyone who is receiving it.


I think it is still worth it.

Not many rags dedicated to the hobby these days. And it’s the only one truly doing proper measurements. A well thought out subjective/objective balance.

I went out of my way to buy stereophile from a different location, on rotation, in my local area, for over 20 years. Just to make sure it remained in publication and in front of potential buyers. I never subscribed, always buying at full pop off the stands.
Maybe you should pass with such a high price,
  $10.00 for a year of Stereophile is worth it. I have read this magazine since the 1980's. 
I think Stereophile is a bargain, if only because it sometimes leads to music discoveries. As teo_audio noted, it also does measurements, which can be useful. I think it’s really the best of the few remaining audio magazines.

One of my favorite Stereophile "features" is the letters section, where nearly every month someone writes in to report an indignity that forces him to cancel his subscription, usually after subscribing for decades.

This month’s article on snake oil is quite entertaining.
Go for the 10 bucks big spender!
I don't know $.83 an issue, take a walk on the wild side ...
Sounds like an excellent deal to me.
If I was offered that I would take them up on it.
It's not like $10 goes far on much of anything nowadays anyway.
Buy and enjoy!
After 35+ years as a subscriber, I'm not renewing my subscription. I'll stay with TAS, but that's it. 

I like to read them away from a computer. Kind of peaceful and unique as compared to being on an electronic device. I am glad it is still in print.
A decent read if you take it for what it is. Gives insight if for nothing more than to check a product out. Has decent music reviews too, if not quite stellar.
Worst subscription service ever.  I move twice per year for climatic preference.  This summer I never received August, September, or October.  Call them up and they always have the address wrong, cannot provide replacement issues ????
Then cause they are so generous extend my subscription on a magazine I never get.
 I like reading Stereophile if and when an issue shows up.  Will likely cancel though.
It's worth it just for Art Dudley's writing. Herb Reichert and Michael Fremer, too.
I subscribe to both Stereophile and TAS.  It is just about the least expensive thing you can do in the hobby. 
Thanks all.

The checks in the mail. Hope it doesn’t bounce!

The entertainment value of drooling over the advertisements is well worth less than a buck an issue. And sometimes I even find a review or article interesting!
Many years ago (mid-to late ’60s), MAD Magazine had a page or two about magazine offers- the prospect kept refusing, and the magazine marketing department kept reducing the price and increasing the perks. It was ridiculous but funny. Haven’t read MAD in a long time.
Same with Stereophile. If they did a two-fer with MAD, maybe I’d reconsider.
Also, John Atkinson is doing, as far as I know, the only bench tests in the field of consumer hi-fi publishing. The findings of those tests are of great value and interest to me.
On the testing? Yes, I agree the tests are very interesting, even if I am not interested in the product, the tests say a lot about designs, and variations in designer choices. Giving me a greater understanding of what is going on or can go on in a product.
Easily worth $10. I Look forward to it monthly. I like to get away from the computer screen and hold a magazine or a book. I also like TAS.

Really...$10 for a year, and you’re asking for input? Check with your Financial Advisor. IMO, it’s worth the money. I have been a subscriber for years!
I discovered it in 1972, and have had a subscription ever since. I've kept all the J. Gordon Holt-edited issues, after that only the ones with something of particular interest. I had a complete set of TAS (back to the original printing of the first issue), but sold it years ago. Kept a bunch of Audio Magazine issues too. Lots of great technical articles and information in that magazine, which I really miss.
HiFi News and HiFi World do measuring. But being in the UK their subscription price to the USA is rather high! About $90! I used to buy them regularly when I lived near a Barnes&Noble. Along with HiFi +.
Stereophile was better with J. Gordon-Holt as the editor. He never hesitated to criticize a component he felt deserved criticism, regardless of that company's reputation
Well I placed my years order for $10, well worth it imho.
@roberjerman, I for years subscribed to HiFi News & Record Review (I like Ken Kessler a lot, personally. We are also both Anglophiles---Decca cartridges, Quad ESL's), but about ten years ago just could no longer justify the cost. I do thumb through the current issue when I'm in Barnes & Noble, though.
Cancelled mine a few years ago.  Except for John Atkinson, they strike me as a being a bit smug. Just don’t need it. The mag I buy regularly is Hi Fi +, if for no other reason than the physicality if it. Oh the smell of fresh ink and the feel of real paper! Life is too short for dreck. 
It is known that the type of ink/paint used on the silk screened lettering on audio components can change the SQ.......
If you're wound too tight for Stereophile, well, perhaps you need to get out more.
"I do thumb through the current issue when I'm in Barnes & Noble, though."
I am afraid that hobby may be over relatively soon. Barnes & Noble are not doing exceptionally well.