Stereophile lists? Where can I find them

Hey! can someone tell me (and the other newbies) where i can find a list of stereophile recommended components and the classes they were put in? are there lists available for different years?
The current issue (April) has the lastest list. Try their website Not sure if it's there...
The STEREOPHILE list is printed twice a year: once in April and once in October. The list is modified at those times, based on either the product having been discontinued or because of the lack of a recent audition. For the most part, the list is fairly consistent from one year to the next. However, bear in mind that the Recommended Components listing is not all-inclusive in that it only incorporates equipment reviewed by STEREOPHILE, which is generally a somewhat small percentage of the products being sold. The fact that a given product is not on the list may simply reflect the fact that it has not been submitted by the manufacturer /distributor/importer for review. STEREOPHILE rarely, if ever, purchases products for review at retail. This is true for almost all of the audio publications. I do not believe it is on the website since the presence of the list helps in attracting subscribers and in developing single-copy sales.
Stereophile's website currently has the 2000 list posted, but no others that I could find. Easiest thing would probably be to go to the library and look at the back issues.



I am with the rest of the posters that has already posted over here. Try Stereophile. They publish this highly coveted list twice a year (April and October of each year). And although, it has a few additions and deletions here and there, the list is fairly consistant from year to year. But just like "Hifixpert" has said, the best thing would be to go to a local library and look at the back issues that they may have available. While the list is something of a good guide to go by, it is not the cureall to go by when it comes to actually making a purchase. With the Adcom GFP-750 Preamplifier excepted (and it wasn't because Stereophile recommends it), all of my equipment purchases were made because they were based on meeting the criteria that I have set for at the time of their purchase, not because what Stereophile's opinion of them might be. Stereophile reviews and recommends a lot of equipment I cannot even afford. My Magnum Dynalab FT-101 Tuner is another example. They have recommended this tuner (or the upgraded FT-101A) for years and all. But I have liked this tuner from the first time I ever saw it. They are no longer recommending this tuner. Why?? Well, I can assure you that it wasn't because it's no longer competitive. But again, they have their own criteria to go by, and I have mine. I went ahead and bought one this past summer anyway. The rest of my gear is not EVEN mentioned in their pages at all.

Just throwing in my $.02 worth.

THANKS everyone! went out and got the stereophile mag today. glad i didn't miss it