Stereophile Audio Glossary

This is a link to an old Stereophile article. It is very useful for describing a system/component's sound to other Audiophiles. Enjoy
Truly a pearl to be shared in the A'goN palace, Buckingham -- thanks to this reference, I comprehend now that that inarticulate listener, when hinting at the chalky yet ballsy bloom, was pointing out congestion, the vertical-venetian-blind effect, or referring to the attack transient of the phantom image, which pitch resolution, albeit stentorian, revealed pinpoint suckout with a tipped-up tail!
Hail, Agonanon! Your smart missive is an oasis of creativity -- nay, a spark of light in the depths of Hades -- in the barren cornucopea of plaintive audioholic philippics that abound...

May your spirit inspire the muted masses, as the blessed bard instills the warriors with the flame of courage; thus may the sweet music of articulate audiophilia embalm, nay heal, the cacophony of our stagnant semantic sterility!
Salve Gregm! O' for the raining brimstone, the thunderous fury, the terrible sound of the seven trumpets and the maudlin wails of plangent audiophiles, yonder Arcadia, Avalon, nary A'goN, 'tis indeed a glossic paradise once lost, this side of Eden now regained!
Thanks Buckingham. Some of my favorites are:
Objectivist: A meter man
Mystic: An audiophile who attributes all currently unmeasurable sonic differences to forces beyond human understandding
Sparse: Less cold than "pinched" but more than "thin"
Intolerable: Unarguably and unforgivably unlistenable
Musicality: A personl judgment as to the degree to which reproduced sound resembles live music. Real musical sound is both accurate and euphonic, consonant and dissonant.

My favorite Gregm and Agonanon terms are "philippics" and "plangent" ;-) Cheers to you both! And to Buckingham.

By the way, for a really fun time, try looking up some of these terms on the Gon. One of my favorite threads to date remains the one on Musicality.