Stereophile $6.00 per year 1/25 only

I normally don't post deals (and have no affiliation to Stereophile, Dealzmodo or Discount Magazines) but Stereophile is on sale for 6.00 a year.

Make sure you use the code mentioned in the ad. I have no conflicts of interest but just added 4 years to my subscription for under 24 bucks.

Just google "dealzmodo" and it is listed under Physical Media.

The deal is through a deal site but I can't remember which one but this is where I saw it.
Stereophile has been mailing me these incredible offers for months now, but I am not interested. As far as I'm concerned 50 cents per copy is still too much.
+1 to what Rrog said.
Mags are just too much clutter to me. I used to buy HiFi+ that was my last mag until it basically turned into the Absolute Sound. Stereophile? No thanks.
Rbischoff, thanks for letting us economical folks know about the savings. It's one good way to move up to tube sound, instead of trying to tell us why SS is just as good.
I like to read music reviews so I still subscribe. Sometimes I read equipment reviews but not very often.