Has anyone else been having problems with receiving their subscription from Stereophile? 2 out of the last 3 months mine has not arrived, thus, forcing me to either wait for a month and have them send me another one or buy it at a news stand and receive credit.

It use to be that at least 1 time a year I would miss an issue. However, lately it more like 3 times a year. All of the other publications I receive are on time, which would include other desirable audio rags. Stereophile seems to think it is a mail delivery problem but I doubt it.

To there credit they have always complemented me with 2-3 issues for each one I purchased. Although, due to the increased inconsistancies I'm getting a little frustrated. Therefore, I'm trying to see if others are experiencing the same problems.

Thanks for your feedback!
I've subscribed for 5 years with 2 moves and they've always come through. A few have arrived about a week after it hit the newsstands, though.

But, overall, no complaints. BTW, I live in So. Cal.
I've not had any recent problems. My only problem was when I moved, they never seemed to be able to change my address and contacting them through their website was worthless. All in all, though, no problems.
For the past three months the month's magazine has been arriving in the first few days of the month. However, I'm a new subscriber so perhaps they're on their best behavior.
Actually, I'm getting the mag 2-3 weeks earlier than I did a couple years ago.
wierd, but the last 2 issues i got had the pages printed on only one side. plus, the mag's name was changed to "monophile." thought this was just another manifestation of constantly changing publishers. maybe not, eh? --kelly
Cornfed, at least you did not get a copy of "point source" it is a totally blank sheet of paper with a small dot in the center. The dot cannot be decoded, it is just what it looks like, a period from a periodical.
You guys are TOO much : )

I've been getting my issues in better shape and earlier than i ever have. It almost seems like the folks that used to get them beaten up and late are now getting them in good shape and early & vice-versa. While i think this is great, i can understand why others would now be upset. Sean
I have EXACTLY the same problems!!! After calling I got the missing issue(s) delivered later.
Interesting was that after calling the next couple of issues were MORE THAN ON TIME!!! Funny, eh?
I tend to think it's because I am in Germany, but all the other subscriptions of American magazines like New Yorker, TAS, HAWAII and others are on time - always.
During my periods of subscribing, Stereophile has not been the type of publication to set your calendar by. Doesn't seem that it will happen in the future either. Sometimes it comes early, sometimes late. Sometimes really late. Once or twice, it didn't come at all. Believe it or not, I once called about a late issue, and found out there was no record of me as a subscriber. Thank God the records of my "subscription" turned up "somewhere else". My only recent complaint is that my March issue arrived so beat up that it was in worse condition than most of the magazines I have from the 1960's. On the plus side, I have about 6 more months of subscription because of me calling when I do have a problem. I incorrectly figured that one of the positives of Petersen's stewardship was better magazine delivery.
I heard a rumour that Stereophile wants to change its Home Theater Guide. The delay seems to be in the printing format. There are two competing technologies for printing. One involves watermarking and the other is a hybrid which uses conventional text and a special text that can only be read if you buy these really cool glasses from a big company in Japan. What further is complicating matters with the watermarked version is the paper is really hard to come by.
Thanks for the feedback. It appears that this is not pervasive and just a problem with my deliverer. Thanks everyone.
I didn't receive my March 2001 issue. After waiting about two weeks, I called Customer Service and was given two choices: 1) extend subscription by one issue, or 2) have a replacement issue mailed out. I opted for #2 and am still waiting (after two months) for this issue.
Stereophile has lousy customer service!
Theduke call them again, and explain the circumstances(make sure they understand). You should be able to get three extra months from them. Push a little if they don't offer it. From what I remember, March was a lousy issue anyway. Is it me, or does the month before(March/September) the "Recommended Components" issue always leave a lot to be desired?
Lately, all of their months leave a lot...... It seems as though the publisher has slimmed down the content in order to maximize profits. This would include both the individual review as well as the number of reviews. It like Stereophile is on a diet or may be it is just "Stereophile Lite". What use to take me days to read is now about 2-3 hour, if that.
I've been a Sterophile subscriber since 1994 and have endured numerous problems (though some of them are Canadian oriented). Yes, Customer Service has always attempted to put things right, and they mostly succeed....but the DAMAGE IS ALREADY DONE! Lately, the magazine is just not worth it, I have concluded, and will now spend my money on ULTIMATE AUDIO!
P.S. UHF Magazine out of Montreal is the only honest & real high-end journal out there!.
Oh, yeah, when I was subscribed I would be missing an average of a couple of issues per year. Cust service was always friendly and helpful in extending the sub. But now that the Borg publisher has taken over and IMHO only three fun/useful writers, JA, MF and J-10 remain I have let it expire.
Stereophile has been sold and should start showing renewed color soon. Or, at least we hope it will. Also, I hear that J.Gordon Holt is now with Absolute Sound.
Been there. Done that. It is frustrating! To add insult to an injury, Stereophile has become incredibly shrinking magazine. Usually done reading in 2-3 days and the wait begins. Lately it is almost always late and inconsistent delivery. Have started subscribing TAS. So far so goon for TAS.
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Key word...asylum...hmmmmmm!