Stereolab/Stereovox LS-700

Merry Christmas to all the members out there. Any thoughts/comments from those who own or have demoed this speaker cable would be appreciated. Comparisons to the Stereovox LSP 600c would be most helpful.
I have tried demo'd both in my system. Current gear: Luxman D-08 digital source, Luxman Pre/Power, Richard Gray power conditioner, Vivid B-1's. In my room and with my gear the LS-700 is more refined with top to bottom coherence that is lovely; generally sweeter sounding to me. Both very good but LS-700 better IMHO. Don't know if this will help in any way but my two cents.
Thanks for the post Suntrapak. What cables did you end up with?
Hi, The 700's replaced Nordost Valhallas in my system

(TLO II/AN 4.1/Shindo/SF Guarneris)

Overall smoother presentation than V"s removed the slight "edginess"
from the tops and depth/layering superior with the 700's

I think some of the most refined cables out there

I went straight to the 700's--I think the 600's discontinued?

Good Listening,