Stereoknight owners or defectors

Anyone of you heard any active preamp close (or very similar) to the Silverstone (B&R) or even Enigma, but with better Slam and drive?
Perhaps some would claim less neutral, but adding a spoon of exciement and drama.
Need to be fully balanced i might add.
I used the silver version of the StereoKnight for about 9 months until I heard the SMC VRE-1. Much more 3D and dynamics and since then never going back.

(dealer disclaimer)
Thanks for the response. I notice this is not a fully balanced design, i also notice the significant change in price!
I'm a new user of the Stereoknight B&R which is being used in between a Slim Devices Transporter and TRL Samson monoblocks. I'm loving it so far. The one thing I'm noticing that I get from the Stereoknight which I have never gotten from any active pre that I've owned is low volume SQ. I can still hear all the details and musical qualities that I enjoy at normal listening levels.