Stereo vs. Mono Extension Cables?


I need to replace the 3.5mm extension cord that goes from a hearing amplifier to the microphone that plugs into the other end of the cord.

The unit's jack and the microphone's plug are mono. I can get a much better price on a stereo cable than a mono one. Will a stereo cable work as well with mono equipment as a mono one would?

If you can try it and take it back, go for it. I don't see any problem. There will just be an extra wire and connection there, that won't be used. Going with a longer cable may cause a little volume loss, or high frequency loss, depending on the design on the cable. One other problem since it is for a microphone would be some noise, or interference that the wire can pick up if it is not shielded. I don't think buying one or the other (stereo vs. mono) will change this. They both come in shielded or unshielded types.