Stereo versus DSP Bypass

I am utilizing a surround sound processor as the pre-amp for CD listening. The only two formats that utilize only the left and right front speakers are Stereo and DSP Bypass.

The manual does not provide a description around these two modes so I am wondering which is more appropriated for listening to music CD's.

Would appreciate any feedback as to what is the preferable mode as well as what factors may play into the decision. I'm currently in the DSP bypass, with a Cal Audio CD player as the source.

Given my status of audiophile novice replies utilizing laymans termrs will be MOST appreciated.

Im "guessing" the DSP bypass will still allow you to
integrate sub with two channel. As the stereo will not
allow you to integrate sub at all with two channel.
The stereo mode is probably the analog bypass.

Check into your pre/pro settings to see which one will
allow you (or both) to integrate sub. Usually if someone
doesnt have full range mains it makes alot of sense to
integrate a sub to supplement low frequencies. And
sometimes even if someone has full range speakers it
can be benefitcial to use a sub.

What processor are you using?

I agree with voodoochiles assessment on what each mode is good for but I disagree on what each setting is called. On my Anthem unit, stereo will be processed, and DSP bypass is the analog straight thru with only volume and balance control. But, your results may vary. If you send any info, the web manuals may be able to answer the question.

Thanks for the feedback. The processor is the Cal Lab 2500. As you may know they are no longer in business and I have not been able to located any type of web support for them.

The sub is taken out of both configurations and frankly I don't want the sub to be part of two channel stero listening. If the DSP bypass is the analog straight through is the sound quality all directly related to the CD player. Conversely if I use the stero mode, I'm assuming the processor acts much the same way a pre-amp would?