Stereo Tube Amp Recommendations

What stereo only tube amps do you recommend in the price range of $2-$4K. I would be using them to mate with the Talon Raven-C speakers. I was considering the used ARC VT-100 MKII, VAC Std 105, VAC Renaissance 30/30 or Graaf GM-100. I want an amp that will control some musical solid bass and provide extened sweet high frequencies and a liquid mod-range.

Thanks and Happy Listening.

VTL MB 185s should be on your list, I think they come in that price range. They excel in the areas you mention.
Oops, forgot it was a stereo amp. Make that the VTL ST-150.
Aronov Audio LS-960 new would be $2600. Used about $1600. It consistently allows best expression of bass capability inherent in a speaker. I have heard it bring out surprisingly deep, articulate, tuneful bass from well designed standmount monitors as well as floorstander full range speakers. This is that little extra quality that adds to its top performance across the full frequency range. Since this is a special attribute of the Talon Raven-C already, why not mate it with an amplifier which lets you hear the bass clarity and authority that subwoofer owners dream about?
See my Classified for the ARS MP 120s. ARS has been in the business since 1947. It is rated conservatively at 60 wts.
HiFi professionals best kept secret. Made in California.
Okunokata, he asked for a honest recommendation and all you can offer is something that YOU are selling!! Sorry Bigkidz for this being off topic, but it really get's my goat!! This has been happening a lot! Someone will ask a honest question and all he gets for a response is someone recommending what THEY are selling whether it be a Dealer or personal ad. To the people offering there classified ads to the post, if it was so good then why are you selling it??? To the dealers? what can I say that hasn't been said before. Again sorry Bigkidz I didn't mean to take the post over, this is just happening way to much! As far as an amp recommendation, a used ARC VT-100 MKII would supply you with very good bass at the lower end of the $$$ you want to spend, and NO I do not have one for sale!!
The old VTL Stereo50 would be a great choice if you can find one. This amp had it "going on" with excellent KT66 sonics, superb bass, liquid mids. The build quality varied with different batches, which is perhaps why VTL didnt' do so well agains't the likes of CJ or ARC. But those little stereo50s were great. They also made a stereo45 which was equally good, but used the EL34 instead of KT66s.
Save some $$$$$ and ck out a PS-AUDIO HCA-2 I replaced a cary rockit88 with one & I can hardly believe it. The HCA-2 is a killer amp. Ben in UTAH........
You might also consider the CJ Priemer 11. I think it is no longer manufactured, but I found it to be an excellent stereo amp. You can usaully pick them up for $1700-$2000 here at Audiogon
Don't know too much about the speakers, but I am very happy with my Sonic Frontiers Power 2. Plenty of bass power and control along with all of the other goodness associated with tube sound.

Before I got it I listened to a Bruce Moore - at the upper end of your price range, very good!! - out of my price range, or I would have gone that way.