Stereo Times Review of the Apogee Acoustics Diva

Hi folks, I found this excellent review of the Apogee Diva by Christiaan Punter for Stereotimes. Christian compares new and refurbed Duettas & also provides pics of the crossovers as well as setup advice. Highly recommended if you're an Apogee fan!

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Room Size (from my experienced opinion) is the number one factor in determining whether to use Duetta Sigs or Divas. I am the "buddy" of Ptmconsulting [above post]and as he mentioned I have been a planar fan for most of my audioHOLIC life. After Maggies and Martin Logans from many years ago (with some 'dynamic driver' brands sprinkled in between) I finally "re-discovered" what all the Apogee fanfare was all about and have fully embraced the brand. Mini Grands to stock Duetta Sigs to TSW fully refurbished Duetta Sigs to TSW Diva Ultimates... my 13'x18' dedicated listening room has "told me" the Divas ARE incredible BUT the room still prefers the Duettas. Both are magnificent and essentially 'dream-come-true' speakers but for me, it was simply 'unfair' to the Divas to expect them to fully reach their potential in MY particular room. Of course YMMV but that was my experience, and believe me, I really, really, really...tried.
In my estimation, the room is the deciding factor. I will agree with the reviews that say in their ideal environment and with proper care and attention to set-up detail, the Divas are simply superb. I have been to my fair share of brick-and-mortar audio showrooms over these many 35+ years and have also been to many shows...there have been a lot of recent developments in speaker technology and a whole new batch of (often hideously expensive) flagship models that are quite amazing. But, properly set up Diva Ultimates, in the right conditions, are truly uncanny lifelike transducers that will simultaneously have you grinning from ear to ear while shaking your head in wonder.
Now for more 'size prohibitive' rooms the Duettas will essentially invoke the same response and, as I said, simply do the best "you are there" experience I could imagine...aside from the Divas.
Oh, and that laser measuring device is excellent (and actually goes to 1/16th") and makes speaker set up SO MUCH easier you will never go back to anything else.
Just my opinion from my experiences... Good luck and happy Lissn'n.
Hey! I resemble that remark! HaHa!
Melbguy1, to hear my personal opinion of Apogees take a look at my response to the other ongoing thread here entitled "TSW Apogee Diva Ultimates Any Good"? I will add to it that, as I had mentioned before, I think the room size, in conjunction with ideal electronics and careful placement will be the deciding factor in which model Apogees you choose...
As for electronics, my Tube Research Labs are also something of a 'niche' product in as much as it is a small, hand - built designer product as compared to something like the excellent Conrad Johnsons you mention (I am a former CJ owner and LOVED my Premier 12 amps which I would never have given up if it hadn't been to use them as $$$$ for their replacements, my current TRL monos...).
Paul, (Mr. TRL) isn't especially 'entwined' with reviews, advertisements...or even touting's more a word-of-mouth type company who simply crafts his product sort of the old fashioned point to point (tedious!) way and lets his products speak for themselves. Great stuff, long wait list...very nice guy. Oh yes and also: end of road/"done looking" performance.
Unfortunately I have never heard the Vitus amps but I do agree with your philosophy about all the seemingly less important factors adding up to make a REAL difference.
Stick with it.
Hi Melbguy1, It's always exciting to have aspirations for newer/better gear 'someday' as most of us have been doing that for more years than they want to admit (myself for sure).
It also keeps the audio magazines and of course the equipment manufacturers themselves in business. Like any hobby, part of the fun is seeing what new(er) piece might just take us that much closer to [dare I say it?] "The Absolute Sound" (chuckle here...).
Maybe, the argument could be made, that when one finally stumbles upon a piece or pieces of equipment that truly 'crosses over the line' for you such that your system FINALLY sounds so satisfying to you (the OWNER of said system), you can truly call it a 'keeper''re 'done looking' for another version of whatever that component does...the synergy is's all finally "clicking together"...and your climbing off the merry-go-round (pardon all the cliches done for emphasis purposes!)...Then when you sink into your sweet spot chair it WAS all worth the fuss and muss and time and $$$$$.$$$$.$$$$$....?!?!
I have found that with both my TRL electronice (pre-amp and amps) as well as TSW Apogees (the model that fits my dedicated room best (Duetta Ultimates). As I eluded to... these are both that 'end of the road" discoveries and I can only wish the same revelations to you and everyone else reading this. It's really cool!
With that said then I'd like to assure you that TRL gear doesn't match the description of a "Great sound for the money..." "Not established" and "Poor resale value"...
In reality TRL has been building some of the finest audio equipment on the planet...built to literally last a lifetime and as such demands considerable respect and product value in the used marketplace.
I believe his top two monoblocs will set you back over $80K and well over $100+K per pair, depending on your power requirements...IF you could get on the order line....
Thanks, I just wanted to clarify that.
Good luck and happy Lissn'n!