Stereo Times list of the " 2020 MOST WANTED COMPONENTS"

Stereo Times ( has just posted its annual list of the MOST WANTED gear for 2020. I believe that you GON members would find it an interesting and informative read.
@teajay those Kirmuss cables were quoted to me at $100 above what you listed...not a big deal, just saying
Hey cd45123,

Don't know who you contacted regarding purchasing price. However, contact Mike Kay (Audio Archon) who carries these cables and will sell them at the price I mentioned in my short statement about them.

By the way, I now know over 10 individuals with very different systems who raved and bought the Kirmuss speakers cables because of how wonderful they made there system's sound. Some had cables over 15K and many owned some of the highest regarded wires on the market.
Hey Wig,

The designer believes that 12 feet runs give optimum sonic performance. However, he will custom build them in different lengths.