Stereo Times list of the " 2020 MOST WANTED COMPONENTS"

Stereo Times ( has just posted its annual list of the MOST WANTED gear for 2020. I believe that you GON members would find it an interesting and informative read.
After a few more tracks of music, mostly the Waterboys. I have to say this CSiB is great. Is is different from the sound I normally like but it is so damn quiet that I love what I am hearing. It is now on my 2021 Recommended List. Cannot get a more prestigious accolade than that.

I have some Audience FrontRow speaker cables coming in soon. That should be pretty interesting with the CODA.
Love the $15K cartridge.  I think I will get two. Always good to have a spare!
The Origin Live Gravity One works well in my system. 
Wish I could get someone to send me a couple of those $2844 each (Almas Beluga) fuses, that so captivated Stereotimes' three reviewers, to try for free in my Cary Monos.      Then again: perhaps not.     I might need to keep them and buy another seven, for the rest of my fuse positions.   HI-FI Tuning Supremes much better fit my (Ikura) budget.   I WILL be trying some of QSA'a other fuses and solder, however!
honey i took a second mortgage out on the house so i could buy upgraded fuses for my hifi

don't worry interest rates are at a historic low

and we can be happy renters if anything bad happens, right???